1. Boosts Fitness Training: Massage improves joint mobility and flexibility and improves the health of muscles, accelerating your fitness training to new levels. Research confirms improvement in grip strength and muscle tone, strength, and recovery as a result of massage.

2. Quickens Healing from Injuries: Massage opens up the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to injuries in muscles, joints, tendons, and soft tissues, increasing the rate of recovery and healing. Massage increases the flow of nutrients to areas that need an extra boost to heal.  

3. Helps Relieve Pain: Therapeutic massage can help to close the “pain gate” by impeding pain messages to and from the brain and by stimulating hormones that lead to the relaxation response.

4. Enhances Mental Focus: Massage helps you think more clearly by helping reduce the level of stress hormones in your body. Massage allows you to enter parasympathetic state in which your body is able to focus on healing and renewal. After a therapeutic massage you will feel more energetic and experience a noticeable enhancement in your mental focus.

5. Improves Skin Tone: Massage increases blood circulation and helps usher nutrients to the skin that improve the skin’s texture, tone, and look. It also helps to reduce skin dryness by stimulating oil glands and helps moisturize the skin.