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Lynne Donahue, MBA, LMT

Therapeutic Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and Wellness
Florida Licensed Massage Therapist # MA 88348

About Lynne


Lynne Donahue is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Health Coach. She offers comprehensive massage therapy services, including specialized neuromuscular therapy for relief from muscle and joint pain and injury. She works with men, women, and young adults to accelerate healing from a wide variety of conditions, including injuries, chronic pain, headaches, tight muscles, reduced range of motion, and stressful life situations. Each session is customized to your needs in order to create healthy aging, improved athletic performance, and mind/body balance. She also offers nutrition and lifestyle guidance to help advance each person’s health and fitness goals. Her qualifications include Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, and Certified Health and Nutrition Coach as well as more than 20 years of experience in health care.

Lynne has a passion for helping people enjoy higher levels of fitness and health at all ages. Lynne is continuously reading, learning, and completing educational programs in the health, fitness, and body work fields to bring best practices and the most current science-based knowledge to her practice. She holds a Masters of Business degree from Bryant University and Bachelors of Science degree from Providence College.  

Massage therapy

Therapeutic Massage

Customized to Address Your Needs

Lynne's Therapeutic Massage Modalities


Neuromuscular Therapy — A deep tissue therapeutic massage that utilizes specialized techniques to help reduce pain, repair injured muscles, and break up knots and scar tissue in muscles. This form of massage is ideal for people who play sports, have fitness goals, or are seeking relief from muscle injuries and reduced range of motion. Other benefits include improved posture, healthy aging, pain relief, and improved joint functioning. This massage is great for people who have hip, shoulder, and neck tightness from sitting, driving, use of cell phones and computers, and other repetitive motion injuries. Neuromuscular therapy focuses on the relief of muscle tension through trigger points, areas within a muscle that can refer pain to distant areas.

Hot stones

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage A relaxation massage that uses warm Himalayan salt stones to ease muscle tension and stress. The grounding properties of salt help to balance the central nervous system and promote well-being. This massage integrates hot stones with hands-on massage to address pain and tension in specific muscles or muscle groups as needed.

Cupping Therapy

Integrated into a therapeutic massage, stationary or sliding cups are used to increase circulation, reduce edema and soften tight facia and muscle tissue.

Facial Rejuvenation Massage

A massage focused on the face and shoulders designed to enhance health and beauty. Using cupping and other massage techniques for small facial muscles, the facial rejuvenation massage is a relaxing 45 minute service that has many benefits. Facial massage helps to increase collagen production and skin elasticity resulting in pliant, radiant skin and a reduction in puffiness around the eyes and face.


A light touch healing treatment that promotes deep relaxation, accelerates natural healing, decreases blood pressure, aids in better sleep, relieves pain, clears emotions, and increases your natural vitality.

Therapeutic Massage for Athletes and Active People

A therapeutic massage focused on improving muscle function, reducing inflammation, and improving training for competitive sporting events in golf, tennis, bicycling, running as well as recreations sports. This massage includes neuromuscular therapy for muscle injuries, such as golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, achilles tendon strains, shoulder, bicep tendon injuries, and hip and lower back muscle tension.

"Lynne, thank you for all you do that contributes to my health. I am convinced that your touch brings much needed peace and well being to people in our community and subsequently spreads even further.  


Customized Massage Experience

Lynne offers a unique customized massage therapy experience, incorporating several modalities and treatment techniques to provide the most effective treatment for each individual.  Lynne's massage therapy services are designed to enhance health and fitness levels.

A Visit with Lynne
Your first visit will include a review of your health history and assessment of your massage therapy and fitness needs and goals. Lynne will work with you to create a wellness plan to help you enhance exercise performance, recovery from injuries, help reduce chronic pain, and improve your response to stressful situations.

After many years of continual shoulder pain, I found Lynne! Her therapy and knowledge has given me relief! I am so happy to be pain free and will continue to visit Lynne for a relaxing, helpful massage in the future. Many thanks Lynne!"

-Debbie H.

Massage Services and Packages

All massage therapy services include an assessment of your needs and a customized approach to help you reach your goals.  Lynne specializes in neuromuscular therapy, a deep tissue massage that helps relieve pain and improves muscle function.  Lynne is experienced with integrating Reiki, techniques form Thai Massage, cupping therapy and other modalities into massage treatments as requested.  She utilizes Himalayan Salt Stones, as well as cold and hot therapies, to enhance treatment outcomes.

Lynne uses 100% organic massage oils and essential oils during all treatments.

I would like to thank Lynne Donahue from Massage & Facial Retreat of Lakewood Ranch for working with me over the past year. I am a very active individual with many strains, tears, and even broken bones in the past. Lynne has used her neuromuscular therapy skills to dramatically improved my ability to walk and experience less pain. She has a great knowledge of anatomy, muscles, ligaments, etc. I had almost given up on the idea of living without pain. Lynne's knowledge, skill sets, and upbeat personality have been immeasurable to my health. I would highly recommend Lynne for any type of massage therapy, whether it be deep tissue, massage therapy, or neuromuscular therapy. The salt stone massage doesn't hurt either!"  
– Roger G.

Massage Therapy Options:

New Client Assessment Initial Visit:

During your first visit with Lynne, she will conduct and assessment, discuss your goals and create a plan for future visits. Your massage goals may include addressing specific muscle pain or injuries, improving your range of motion and posture, enhancing your exercise performance aa well a overall stress reduction. Massage therapy is known to improve circulation, immune response and overall wellness.

Therapeutic Massage Assessment, First Visit, 60 minutes — $150

Therapeutic Massage Assessment, First Visit, 90 minutes — $185

Therapeutic Massage:

Therapeutic Massage 60 minutes— $140

Therapeutic Massage, 90 minutes — $175

Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Integration, 90 minutes — $175

Facial Rejuvenation Massage, 45 minute-- $125

Cupping Therapy -- included in the facial rejuvenation massage and $25 add-on to any other service

Luxury Massage:

Luxury Himalayan Hot Stone Massage, 60 minutes — $150

Luxury Himalayan Hot Stone Massage, 90 minutes — $180

Focus on Complete Wellness

As part of her massage therapy services, Lynne offers guidance and inspiration about exercise routines, eating and lifestyles habits, and other proven self care habits that, coupled with massage therapy, can significantly improve your health and well-being.

Massage Therapy Multi-Service Packages and Gift Ideas

Rejuvenating Hot Stone Massage Gift Card, 60 Minutes, (only available to current clients)-- $150

Tranquility Massage, 90 minute Gift Card , (current clients)--$200

Package of three 60-minute massage therapy services -- $330

Package of three 90-minute massage therapy services -- $440


Massage Fee Structure


$85 Luxury Massage, 60 Minutes
Luxury Full Body Massage or Reiki Session
Relaxation Focus


$100 Trigger Point Massage, 60 Minutes
Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage
Multi-modality, Advanced Massage Techniques, Himalayan Salt Stones, or Reflexology included as requested; addresses muscle restrictions and injuries


$140 Himalayan Hot Stone Massage, 90 Minutes
Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy and Deep Tissue
Multi-modality, Advanced Massage, addresses muscle restrictions and injuries, incorporates relaxation techniques


$180 Deluxe Massage, 120 Minutes
Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy and Deep Tissue
Multi-modality, Advanced Massage, addresses muscle restrictions and injuries, incorporates relaxation techniques

Massage Packages


Luxury Massage 60 minutes
Buy 3 for $240
Buy 6 for $480


Trigger Point Massage 60 minutes
Buy 3 for $270
Buy 6 for $520


Himalayan Salt Stone 90 minutes
Buy 3 for $380
Buy 6 for $760


Deluxe Massage 120 minutes
Buy 3 for $460
Buy 6 for $920

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