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Christa Andrews

Luxury Advanced Custom Facials

Christa Andrews

Originally from London, England, Christa has more than 25 years of experience in the Spa and Medspa Aesthetic fields. She was the owner of Luxury Spa in England and a Spa Consultant in Europe and the United Kingdom. She is a Licensed Full Facial Specialist and has completed advanced training in many treatment areas. She has prior experience working in a plastic surgery office in Florida, where she provided facial services for oncology and plastic surgery patients.

Christa loves the facial industry as it is continuously expanding and evolving. She stays current on industry trends and new treatments through continuous education and collaborating with doctors and consultants in the industry. She maintains her passion to give the best experience for each client. She provides individualized recommendations and product suggestions to each client to achieve the best results for each person’s skin and anti-aging goals. Christa moved to Florida ten years ago and became a US citizen in 2020. She loves cooking, golf and has two beautiful daughters, a boyfriend Mark and a dog named Cupcake.

Custom facial

Customized Facials

Global Experience

A Customized Facial Experience

Christa offers a unique customized Facial Experiences, incorporating treatment techniques and traditions from around the world. Various spas she has visited around the world gave her the experience to create a luxury custom experience. From Asia to Europe, she has created treatments with results and relaxation techniques to relieve stress.

Why Christa Offers Advanced Luxury Facials
Christa specializes in 5-star US and Advanced  European Skin Care product lines from Paris, France. With her 25 years of experience and dedication to provide an elite facial experience, Christa has launched a collection of high-end facials called The AntiAging  Fusion Facial Collection

A visit with Christa

A Visit with Christa
Christa always welcomes you with a free consultation to determine your needs. She works with you to create a facial journey, whether it be for an upcoming event or long-term skin care, and works to each and every client’s lifestyle and time commitments. Only luxury surrounds you in Christa treatment room within a lavish boutique spa setting.


Professional Skincare Product Choices

Christa has 10 different product lines available and will select  the ones she feels benefits your needs during your facial. From organic to highly advanced ingredients, Christa can help lead you to the best choices to suit your individual needs.


Guinot, Paris, France — worldwide professional skincare leader for more than 35 years, cutting-edge formulas
utilize the finest ingredients from science and nature.
The Hydradermie machine has is the latest technology for anti-aging, lifting, and deep cleaning.

Yon-Ka Paris

YON-KA Paris, FranceThe Promise of Infinite Rejuvenation — Celebrating its 65th anniversary, Yon-Ka Paris offers French-made, luxurious, plant cell active-based skincare regimens. Quintessence, Yon-Ka’s proprietary essential oil Complex, delivers the unique olfactive and therapeutic experience that discerning consumers and passionate professionals have been raving about since 1954.

pevonia products

Pevonia, USANatural formulas, organic ingredients, and clinical results

HydroPeptide products

HydroPeptide, USA Epigenetics give powerful gene signal ingredients. A high peptide line of of genetics products to achieve results.

Naturopathica products

Naturopathic, USA — Founded on the belief of herbalism. Addressing the skins concerns and reflecting in the body’s inner health. Herbal remedies and organic products, Organic Eco Certification.

PCA products

PCA, USAInnovators of healthy skin for more than 30 years, developed by a dermatologist, combines the latest most effective ingredients.

Image products

Image, USAPhysician formulated, clean clinical skincare, botanicals, and cutting-edge science.

Aromatherapy products

Aromatherapy Associates, London, England — Aromatherapy products of high potency and quality blends.

Hale & Hush products

Hale & Hush, USA — With roots in oncology cosmeceuticals, Hale & Hush understands that sensitive, health-challenged skin requires delicate treatment and set out to provide that.

skin care office

Skincare Products

Individually Selected

Facial treatment

Specialized Treatments

Expert Skills

Luxury Advanced Custom Facials

Single treatment $175 or Series of 3 = $495
Single treatment with dermaplane $195
Series of 3 with dermaplane $585

Created for the clients who want the ultimate facial. A selection of facials incorporating advanced machines to give optimum results. Selected high quality serums and products along with Christa’s expertise in customizing the facial to suit your needs.

A custom facial created by Christa to deep cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate using advanced machines, including exfoliating enzymes, advanced serums, and LED Lights to help increase collagen. Christa incorporates a European face, scalp, arm, and hand massage for relaxation incorporating pressure point and lymphatic drainage along with inhalation’s of luxury aroma therapy oils. A luxury mask to complete your experience. Christa will help you select one of the following facials:

hydro facial

• Age Reverse Hydro Facial  created by Christa
Experience a revolutionary solution for revitalizing and deep cleansing your skin to achieve a more youthful skin appearance. Uses Hydro Facial Dermabrasion or alternative machines and selected advanced product lines of serums and masks to suit your skin type.


• Hydra Clean by Guinot, Paris               This deep cleansing facial uses regulated heat from the patented Guinot Thermoclean. Electrodes trigger hyper-secretion of the sweat and sebaceous glands. It cleans the pores and rids the skin of excess oils and toxins while individually prescribed gels are massaged to deeply penetrate actives and treat. Great for all skin types and ages.


A Detoxygene by Guinot, Paris
The perfect facial to detoxify your cells to allow your skin to breathe and absorb product easier. This treatment incorporates a specific exfoliation to remove all dead skin cells. The mask is formulated to remove pollution and free radicals from the skin. The massage cream helps to re-oxygenate the skin with a scripted massage. This relaxing treatment is results-driven and safe for everyone.

Age Summum

• Age Summum by Guinot, Paris
This manual, active treatment will have your skin glowing, hydrated, and firm in just an hour. Dermabrasion, Pure Vitamin C, Pro-Collagen, and the exclusive Guinot complex of 56 actives will give you the maximum results for anti-aging, brightening. and an even complexion.

• Organic Facial
Naturopathica product line was developed by an herbalist, esthetician, and aromatherapist. The line is clean, effective, and holistic. The organic and natural products are audited and certified by Ecocert, and the actives are developed using green technology. There are no toxic ingredients or known irritants in the formulas. The formulas combine proven botanicals with clean cosmeceuticals to nourish the skin while delivering results.

• Detoxgene Facial
This 60-minute treatment detoxifies by eliminating pollution and toxins from the skin and prevents the microparticles from adhering. The skin is reoxygenated, radiant, and able to breath.

Rezenerate facial

• Advanced Rezenerate Facial
A non-invasive, hand-held tool is utilized to deliver nutrients to skin without discomfort. Rezenerate utilizes the breakthrough science of Nano-Technology. This facial treatment is non-invasive and is excellent for around the eyes and lips. The Rezenerate Facial is a painless cosmetic facial, not a medical procedure. Results are amazing.

epiwave facial

Advanced Epiwave Facial
The EpiWave™ Ultrasonic Facial uses cutting-edge ultrasonic technology that utilizes low frequency sound waves in a 3-stage process to repair the skin at the cellular level. Repairs skin, cleans up acne, manages rosacea, reduces pore size, reduces wrinkles, and reduces hyper-pigmentation.

microcurrent facial

Advanced Microcurrent Facial
Used by athletes and celebrities, microcurrent therapy is the most talked about non-invasive solution to look and feel younger. Microcurrent therapy is used today in the anti-aging industry for incredible facial and body-toning results.

age reverse facial

Advanced Age Reverse Facial
Experience a revolutionary solution for revitalizing and renewing your skin to achieve a more youthful and luminous skin appearance. Uses technologies and custom products from advance skin care lines.

LED facial

• Advanced LED Facial
Uses LED light to promote a clearer brighter complexion. Helps stimulation collagen and plump the skin.

• OxyGeneo® Facial
"OxyGeneo® treatment provides the only 3-in-1 Exfoliate, Infuse & Oxygenate. Super Facial Patented and clinically proven OxyGeneo® technology results in skin nourishment & oxygenation for smoother complexion and younger looking skin. The OxyGeneo® effect produces CO2 bubbles, which gently burst on the skin surface to create a physiological response, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area. This increases capillary flow and skin metabolism. Breakthrough OxyGeneo® Technology provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level. While standard oxygen facials have a stream of pressurized oxygen hitting the skin."

These are a selection of advanced facials using the Guinot Paris product line and are the premier pioneer Hydradermie machine. Guinot Labortories were among the first cosmetic companies in the world to be certified to meet pharmaceutical standards. A high-end European product company who is a leader in advanced treatments and standards.


• Hydraderm by Guinot, Paris
This exclusive,  patented Guinot treatment transmits energy to the skin with Dynamic Ionization to energize cells and offer deeper product penetration. The new machine utilizes specific serums targeted for different skin types to help clients achieve their individual beauty objectives. This treatment also incorporates oxygenation by thermal effect. This innovative heated electrode is calibrated to react with the OZ2 cream to boost the oxygenation of the skin.

Hydradermie Lift

• Hydradermie Lift by Guinot, Paris             Hydradermie Lift was created to lift and firm the skin through muscle stimulation. Hydradermie Lift stimulates the small muscles of the face for a more radiant, firmer appearance to the skin. In one hour this treatment revitalizes and promotes oxygenation in the skin.

• Moxy Caviar Mask Treatment by Pevonia, USA
This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure caviar and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: Escutox® to smooth wrinkles, strengthen elasticity, and render the skin full of life. This luxurious, anti-aging mask treatment increases skin oxygenation, moisture, and suppleness while reducing signs of aging. Hard lift-off mask for ultimate rejuvenation.

Stem cells facial

• Stem Cells Phyto Elite Treatment by Pevonia, USA
This groundbreaking plant-based treatment redefines the anti-aging facial. Infused with the first-ever blend of argan and comfrey stem cells and supercharged de-agers like collagen, retinol, elastin, and other key actives, this exceptional age-reversing treatment visibly reduces lines and wrinkles, delivers a smoother skin surface, and provides long-term protection of the skin’s naturally repairing stem cells.

lumafirm facial

• Lumafirm Lift & Glow Treatment by Pevonia, USA
Seeking a treatment with amazing instant results? Redefining radiance and facial contouring, this exclusively formulated treatment features the latest in freeze-dried technology to deliver instant results and cumulative skincare benefits. Ideal for any skin type showing signs of aging, or as the perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best. Proven to perform, this facial renders your skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter, and more youthfully defined appearance.

Time resist facial

• Time Resist Facial by YonKa, Paris
Time-Defying Wrinkle filler, redensifying, anti-fatigue facial Time Resist — Our wrinkle release facial uses age correcting elixirs that nourishes, strengthen, and protect the elastin fibers of the dermis. Resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles, with a smoother and more radiant complexion.

Optimizer facial

• Optimizer  Facial by Yonka, Paris
Optimal lift effect, firming, contouring facial Advanced Optimizer — This lifting and firming anti-aging treatment acts as a “personal trainer” for your skin. Anti-gravity massage techniques provide a firming boost to the face and neck. Concludes with a soothing collagen masque resulting in visible firmness.

Excellence Code Facial by Yonka, Paris
Exceptional global anti-aging facial with Yon-Ka exclusive techniques: Energy points, firming and lifting care, premium biocellulose mask for face and hands.

Specialized Treatments Targeting Specific Concerns


• Microneedling Treatment
Single treatment $325
Series of 3 $900
Micro-needling is a state-of-the-art treatment option for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, and scar revision. Tiny needles are used to create microscopic channels in the skin and the surrounding area. The microchannels stimulate collagen production and delivers intense serums deep into the skin. This is not medical microneedling; it is light and achieves amazing results.

Hydraderm Eye Lift & Vital Eye Treatments

$50 add-on to any facial

Eye Lift is a treatment that focuses on the fragile eye area. It reduces the signs of aging and fatigue and minimizes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Specific massage movements aid in lymphatic drainage while microcurrent gives an instant lifted look.

Peels & Brightening Enzyme Treatment

Single treatment $149 series of 3 = $375

PCA Skin Chemicals
Highly effective TCA and Jessner blends help treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. Light, medium, and deep skin peels available. Includes a home care product kit for aftercare.

Enzyme Treatment — The natural alternative for a glowing complexion. This natural herbal peel contains pineapple and papaya enzymes, as well as chamomile, pure essential oils, and anti-oxidants for a gentle, effective peel with no peeling or downtime.

Hydra Peeling

• Hydra Peeling Skin Renewal Treatment — Guinot’s HYDRA PEEL treatments exfoliate, resurface, moisturize, and renew the skin. Hydra Peeling with Hydra PH uses Phytic Acid while Hydra Peel with Hydrabrasion uses natural cellulose particles and papaya extracts. Both treatments minimize brown spots, increase radiance, and minimize signs of aging. The best suited Hydra Peel treatment is determined on the client’s beauty goal and level of sensitivity.

• Youth Renew Hydra-Glow Peel $165
Treat your skin to a smoother texture, minimized wrinkles, and a brightened complexion with the YouthRenew HydraGlow Peel. Using pure, natural lactic acid, this gentle peel unveils wonderfully hydrated and plump skin with a radiant, healthy glow. A perfect peel!

• Enzyme treatment
Coming soon...

Oncology Facials

This customized facial addresses the specific skin care needs and concerns of those undergoing cancer therapy and recovery. A safe and soothing treatment will manage and improve the changes of your skin while the healing benefits of touch provide a feeling of peace, relaxation, and restoration. Uses Hale & Hush product line. Christa received a high level of certification to enable her to give safe, effective, relaxing facials.

Spa Teen Facial

Single treatment $145, 45 minutes treatment time

Teen skin often experiences inflamed, hormonally charged breakouts. Get the relief and blemish reduction results you are looking for with this natural, advanced therapy treatment designed just for teens. Using advanced technologies, gently exfoliating enzymes, acne-fighting ingredients and healing extracts, skin will resurface calm.


Simple Pricing Structure

Globally incubate standards compliant channels before scalable benefits

Facial Options


$99 Luxury Facials, 60 Minutes
$35 Add Dermaplane
Luxury Anti-aging Facial
Luxury Hydration Burst Facial
Luxury Pore Refining Facial
Luxury Acne Clarity Facial
Luxury Men’s Refinery Facial
Luxury Organic Bliss Facial


$125 Deluxe Facials, 60 Minutes
$35 Add Dermaplane
Deluxe Anti-aging Facial
Deluxe Hydration Burst Facial
Deluxe Pore Refining Facial
Deluxe Acne Clarity Facial
Deluxe Men’s Refinery Facial
Deluxe Organic Bliss Facial


$140 Advanced Facial, 75 Minutes
$35 Add Dermaplane
Advanced Rezenarate Facial
Advanced Epiwave Facial
Advanced Micro Current Facial
Age Reverse Anti-aging Facial with LED
Advanced Radio Frequency Facial

Packages & Specialties


Facial Packages — Save up to 15%
Luxury Facials — buy 3 for $295; buy 6 for $570
Deluxe Facials — buy 3 for $320; buy 6 for $620
Advanced Facials — buy 3 for $355; buy 6 for $690
Luxury Facial Experience —buy 3 for $445; buy 6 for $870


$175 Specialized Treatments
Micro Needling — Generate Collagen
Cool Lifting — Anti-aging for fine lines
Luxury Facial Experience 90 mins


Peels & Enzymes
$135 PCA Peels including after-care kits
$185 PCA Advanced Peels
$65 Organic Berry Enzyme Glow
$65 PCA Pre-Party Oxy Trio Glow


Oncology Facials
(If you are being treated for cancer) Custom personalized facial and skin care
Skin Care Consultation $85
Facial $140


Custom Blend — Makeup Foundation
Motives — Blend Your Beauty $75
Includes Product & Consultation


Eye Lash Tinting $40
Brow Tinting $15
Eyebrow Shape $15

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